The last weeks where pretty silent on this blog but as you might guess this has to do with the Kinect project I was talking about earlier. Well, time has come to bring some light into this.

My colleagues at mediaman, deepartmend and I are working on a derivate of the arcade classic PONG. Of course we don’t want to bother ATARI, so we decided to call the game “BITBALL”.

It will be controlled via a Microsoft Kinect which is installed above the head of two opponents. A beamer installed at the same spot will project gamescreen, paddles and a ball onto the floor. By moving, the opponents are able to shift the paddles and pass the ball to each other.

What you see above is a timelapse video of a test construction. Besides the gameplay we are testing how the construction has to be set up to work proper. What you are not yet able to see is how the playing filed will look like:

BITBALL playing field

I will post videos of the running game, some production notes and a full documentation on within the next few weeks. I also worked on some mini projects which helped to promote and produce the core project — I am going to write about that later, too.

The project is written in AS3 and entirely open source, so within CreativeCommons you are free to do with it whatever you want. This covers also the artwork and the soundtrack:

If you are in Mainz on 25th of June, please stop by, play it yourself and win a Microsoft XBOX360 + Kinect! We are planning to build up the game from 6:00 to 10:00 pm near the civic centre, “Am Brand” as a sidekick of the “45. Mainzer Johannisnacht“.

Before that make sure to visit, like and follow our facebook page! And of course Here you can also find more information concerning the event — more to come in the following days.


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